The Best Sims 4 Mods For The Picky Player - Volume 1

With only vague hints of an Awesomemod for Sims 4 in the works, and Nraas taking a well deserved retirement in Sims 3 modland, many wonder if there is a group of modders talented enough to make the wondrous core-mod custom creations that many Sims 3 players simply couldn't play without in The Sims 4. As always, Zootgamer is here to shed light on some of the best mods you've never heard of, Sims 4 included! From realism to basic gameplay fixes, we've got you covered.

Remember, Sims 4 is still very new (relative to Sims 3), and it will take time for modders to create new stuff to download, so check back for continued articles in this series to stay up to date on useful new Sims 4 mods. THESE ARE THE FIRST SIMS 4 MODS TO GET IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO TAKE YOUR VANILLA GAME FROM GOOD TO SIMS-3-STYLE ADDICTING.

Hearthstone : A Basic Guide To GREAT Deck Building (Part 2)

Welcome back to Zootgamer's guide to building a great Hearthstone deck. Whatever class you choose, there are some basic elements required in any well-rounded pro deck. Read on to see how everything from "game finishers" to "board clearing" is best utilized when deciding on the best cards to choose for your deck. Click HERE to find Part 1 of this guide!

Hearthstone : A Basic Guide To Great Deck Building (Part 1)

So you're looking for some deck building advice, but most guides are extremely specific, requiring cards you just can't afford / don't own? Zootgamer has been playing a lot of Hearthstone lately, and we're here to help.

We present to you our ALL AROUND GUIDE TO MAKING A GOOD GREAT HEARTHSTONE DECK. Read on to find out how to choose the best class for your play style, as well as all the general tips and tricks you need to make the progress in Ranked mode you've been seeking. After you're done, read on to PART 2 for more Hearthstone goodness.

A Gamer Guide For Valentine's Day Lovers & Friends

Today's usually about chocolate, candy, flowers, food, movies...but games? Yes, lots and lots of games. The secret to a stress free Valentines Day is plenty of teamwork, laughter, and smiles. It's an easy game plan, the hardest part is finding the perfect game(s) for the occasion.

Console games are easier to play when the players are sitting very close to one another. Physical closeness is not everything though, PC still has the best graphics around, and there are many great games that aren't to be found on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Intense action or shooting games with a good story-line combine the entertainment of a movie with the interactivity of a game to keep things interesting without the need for forced conversation.

Warning : The bond forged by epic quest often last a lifetime...romantic or not.
So if you're single, gather the friends you love most, and celebrate.

For Valentines Day, we've come up with a list of games, personality based, to help you enjoy the day :

XBox One System Update : Turn One Degree And Stay

As if you didn't have enough reasons to love the new Xbox, Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer of XBox One just announced a system update set to be released on February 11th. As for the changes, you can expect to see the kind of improvements that may just convert a PC gamer. Read below for a full list of the changes and additions you can expect to see after logging into XBox One.

Speaking of PC gamers, if you hated the XBox controller and wish you could just use a keyboard, now you can! The update will allow USB keyboards to be plugged into the console.

Outlast : Bringing True Fear To A Playstation 4 Near You

Ever since the release of the PS4 gamers of the console world have been asking PS: More PlayStation 4 games, please. Now scary movie connoisseurs, survival situation addicts, and even the everyday science fiction enthusiast are rejoicing at the release of Outlast for PS4. Developed by Canadian based game developers Red Barrel and available through Steam since early September, PS4 gamers can now also download their copy starting February 5th.

Dubbed the "ultimate survival horror" game by PlayStation as well as its current Steam players, Outlast is hardcore nightmare inducing pleasure ride for anyone that enjoys staying alive.

Let's start off like any good scary story, setting the scene :

Battlefield 4 : Operation Locker ( Pro Guide ) Keep Noobs On Lockdown

  • So you've been playing that Battlefield 4 huh?
  • Do you like Operation Locker as much as we do? 
  • ...or do you WANT to like Operation Locker as much as we do?
  • Frustrated because of your team's constant losing and totally unbalanced matches?
  • Want to play this map so well YOU get reported for hacking once a win? 
  • If you answered yes to any of the above...please read on!

Most of the Battlefield 4 game modes are fantastic with Operation Locker (especially Team DM, Squad DM, Rush, Domination, Conquest)...we're going to focus on Conquest mode, since that's the most common mode played with the map, however you can use the information below to master this map with ANY mode.

We've pulled together the best tips and tricks to create the ultimate guide for keeping those noobs on 24-7 OPERATION LOCKDOWN. Keep reading to find out which role to choose and when, optimal loadouts, getting and keeping the all important center conquest point before the enemy, plus fast rank up tips.

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